Do I need to add a water-proofing agent to my tent or gazebo?

All Gazelle products feature a waterproof rating of 2000MM on a hydrostatic head test for the shell material and a 3000MM rating on the floors and footprints (1500MM is considered waterproof for fabrics). No additional waterproofing agents should be necessary but if you choose to use one, test it first in an inconspicuous area in case it discolors or damages the fabric in any way.

What type of materials are used in your tents and gazebos?

The shell material is a 210 denier Oxford weave polyester, and the floors and footprints are a 300 denier Oxford weave. Oxford is a basket weave where multiple weft threads are crossed over an equal number of warp threads. The two-by-two weave creates more durable fabrics.

What type of mesh is used in your tents and gazebos?

Gazelle uses tight-weave mesh for all of our screens. This type of mesh is sometimes called a no-see-um mesh, that excels at keeping even the tiniest of pests out.

My gazebo appeared inside out when I removed it from the bag, what should I do?

Your gazebo is not inside out, it is necessary that before you pop your first hub you spread your gazebo out so that multiple hubs show, this will avoid the possibility of any fabric getting hung up on a hub.

Is there a pattern to putting up and taking down your tent or gazebo?

Yes. To set up you should first pop all of your wall hubs and then engage the roof hub (for tents attach the rainfly prior to popping the roof hub). To take down your gazebo or tent always take the roof down first and then pop in the wall hubs.

What is the procedure for attaching the rain fly on a Gazelle Tent?

You should always install your rain fly prior to popping up your roof hub. Simply insert the male end of the short rain fly poles into the female end of the roof hub poles, always pop the roof prior to securing the bungeed hooks to the hubs and you’re done. (When taking down the tent, you must unhook the bungeed hooks from the hubs prior to popping the roof down to relieve tension and avoid damaging the rainfly poles.)

How do your tents and gazebos hold up in the wind?

Our parent company has used our unique hub design for over 15 years on our hunting blinds and ice fishing shelters; so, they are designed to withstand the elements. To secure our tents always use the provided guy-lines and stakes to tie off to the hubs, this will secure the walls. 

What is a footprint?

When discussing the footprint of a tent this is the actual floor dimensions of the tent.

When discussing the accessory this is a secondary layer of fabric cut to the dimensions that sets under floor to provide a secondary layer to protect the floor against damage and provide an additional water barrier.

What size cot will fit in my tent?

On each of the products on our website we provide the footprint (floor dimensions) because cot manufacturers do not use a standard size in their designs, we recommend you first determine the size of cot you have and compare it to the footprint dimensions of the tent.

Will your wind panels work on another manufacturer’s gazebo?

No, our wind panels are specifically designed to fit only Gazelle Gazebos.

What type of floor do your tents use?

Our tents use a detachable bathtub design floor that anchors 5” up on the wall, to keep water from flowing into your tent. The floors attached to the tent via an industrial strength hook and loop material that seals very tightly. The detachable nature of the floors provides two benefits, the first being the ease of clean up. Simply detach the floor at one end of the tent and then sweep debris out of the tent or take it out completely and hose the tent floor off. The second benefit is that if you were to accidentally damage the floor a replacement floor can be ordered through our customer service team.

Why is the roof mesh under the rainfly?

The mesh roof allows you to view the night sky when the weather permits and a rain fly isn’t needed, it also allows more air movement through the tent when the rain fly is in use drastically reducing condensation in the tent.

What makes your hub design unique?

15 years of experience fine tuning the design means the hub design works time after time. We also use solid fiberglass poles and metal hubs to ensure durability.

I don’t have the Water-Resistant Duffle Bag how do I keep my tent dry when transporting it on a roof rack?

The material used in all of our duffle bags has the same waterproof rating as our tents, we do recommend that when carrying the non-water-resistant bag that you stow the tent zipper side down in order to avoid water coming in through the zipper.

What are the added features of the T4 Tent Overland Edition compared to the regular T4 Tent?

The T4 Tent Overland Edition comes standard with a 300 denier footprint, upgraded All-Terrain stakes, and a water-resistant duffle bag. The standard T4 tent does not include the footprint, but does come with a standard bag and standard stakes. However all of the upgraded accessories are offered for purchase separately on our website.

Where is the serial number located on my tent or gazebo?

The serial number for the tent or gazebo is located on the inside on a large white tag.

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